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Meet the Team

Bev Liz Filmer Landscaping


Bev – Administration manager extraordinaire (moonlights as swamp planting troll)

  • Receipt addict, behaviour borders on harassment to obtain a missing sales docket
  • Known to cuss at computers and printers
  • Holds staff at gun point for timesheets
  • Reconcile renegade
  • Adored staff member, wife, mother and grandmother
Greg Liz Filmer Landscaping


Gregg – Skilled Landscaper (and not bad golfer)

  • Lunchtime cat napper
  • Attention to detail freak
  • Winner of tidy tools award
  • Donut connoisseur

Dennis Liz Filmer Landscaping


Dennis – Workshop manager (and standby grouter)

  • Mechanical machine whisperer
  • Suffers from vehicle maintenance obsessive disorder
  • Professional sport observer
  • Back up barrow pusher

Dicky-Nee Liz Filmer Landscaping


Dicky nee – Skilled tradesman (fixer of everything)

  • Descendant of the meercat
  • Around the jobsite long distance runner
  • Fuelled by jam sandwiches
  • Story teller….. long story teller
  • Timber caresser
Adam Liz Filmer Landscaping


Adam – Landscape apprentice (qualified plumber)

  • Elusive and hard to photograph in his habitat
  • Frustrated fisherman…. the fish are safe
  • Smart phone technical assistant
  • Old lady charmer

Liz Filmer Landscaping


Liz – Director (Bosslady)

  • Founded the company 20 years ago, hasn’t knocked off since
  • Dog fanatic
  • In bed asleep by 8pm
  • Paul Higgins viewer
  • Animal appreciator