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New Home

The owners of this property are two professionals who are very busy saving the lives of others. Their lives can be stressful and free time is very limited. These people are not experienced gardeners with limited knowledge on garden care but they needed an environment that would at the very least give them a sense of peace when they looked out the window, and at best the spare time they did have could be spent relaxing in a serene setting with family and friends.

Being a new home build Liz had a blank canvas to work with. Not having had much experience with gardens before the client was unsure of what they wanted. Liz formulated several landscape designs for them to choose from and a Mediterranean style garden was selected. As the property is serviced by tank water the garden had to be water wise. This garden survives mostly on what rain falls from the sky. During unseasonably extended hot dry periods the lawn is given a bit of a soak with what water is available.

The layout has a balanced feel with different areas of the garden allowing for separate groups of people to gather when entertaining. Shade in summer is proved by an ornamental grape vine covering a free-standing pergola which is the central link to the area. Other plants that lend to the Mediterranean feel are Cupressus, Miscanthus, Ozmanthos, Sedum, Nepeta and Lagerstroemia.

We visit this garden once a year to check on how it is progressing and give it a tidy up where required. Other than that, the client mows the lawns and sprays the odd weed a few times a year.

“My husband and I have known Liz since 2014 when we built our first home in Sale and wanted a landscaped garden to suit our needs for the coming years. Liz has a wonderful work ethic and was unwavering in her commitment to providing the best possible outcome for our family. She has a collaborative approach to each of her projects and worked with us to incorporate our own ideas into the garden. Liz and her team are very open communicators and 'Ive found them easy to approach with questions and ideas at any time. Thanks to Liz, we now have an outdoor sanctuary to call our own !”