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Garden Renovation

These clients built their family home 30 years ago. At the time funds weren’t available to complete their wish list, but they did a good job of planting some trees back then which has given the garden an established feel. These folks are pretty handy in the garden but both work full time so they needed a hand to get the majority of their projects completed. Their wish list included the construction of a front fence, renovate and extend an existing deck, incorporate a BBQ area on the deck and an area to grow herbs and vegetables close by. The existing brick paving had been laid using left over house bricks at the time the house was built and was ready to be replaced with some bluestone paving laid in a modular pattern. Underneath this paving an inground water tank was installed to water the garden during dry periods as the established trees take up a lot of the available moisture.

Brick paving that had been laid under the trees had been displaced by tree roots over time so this was removed and the area was mulched and planted with understory plants such as Clivia which were lifted and divided from existing clumps in the garden. Many other plants were relocated to give a more cohesive feel to the garden layout.

Brick garden edging was constructed to the lawn areas to make lawn mowing easier. This brick edging was continued around the bluestone paving to give continuity to the design.

The garden had a few existing bluestone blocks which were being used as steps, these were remnants from the family’s ancestors’ stone masonry business. Liz was able to secure some more large pieces of bluestone salvaged from an old prison that were shaped to form large retaining wall blocks.

“Very happy with the design and execution, Liz and her team are great to work with, the new garden has delivered its brief of being attractive, water efficient and resilient.”