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“Think about when you visit the office of a commercial enterprise. As you approach the front door if the gardens look nice and professionally constructed you have an innate feeling that the people inside the building will be nice and professional too. Likewise as you approach an establishment that has a messy, weed infested garden somehow it insinuates that the people inside are incapable and well probably quite dodgy. If you operate a business from a commercial premises think about what impression your garden is giving potential clients”

“Built works have been completed to a high quality and to specification for hardscape items. The paving especially has been completed exceptionally, and we applaud the quality of stock and finish throughout.”
( Tristian Andrews, Urbis Architecture)

If you drive around Gippsland chances are you have seen a landscape we have created whether it is a tree providing a shady carpark or native vegetation that is filtering our storm water runoff and producing natural habitat.

However, it’s not only the green life but also the infrastructure that supports it, the drainage, boardwalks, parks, office courtyards and rooftop gardens that really gets us excited and is where our strengths lie.

Places of work can be more enjoyable, inviting and productive when the natural environment surrounds us. Whether your commercial environment happens to be an office, factory or new commercial development, we can help with the design and construction of its landscape for beautification purposes or simply to meet permit requirements. Our service is solutions driven with an approach that is committed to customer satisfaction.

Facilities such as aged care and schools require well planned environments that are stimulating whilst calming and safe to be in. ‘Nature Play’ is a popular theme in playgrounds and schools are embracing the home-grown food movement. Likewise, aged care facilities require easily accessible garden plots where residents can receive satisfaction from being involved in growing their own food and flowers without having to tend to maintenance requirements. Sensory gardens are also popular, these gardens improve our mood, most of the time without us even realising they are doing so.

Liz Filmer Landscaping are proud to be involved in the design and construction of several local community gardens. These are great to help integrate folk that can otherwise be socially isolated, disadvantaged in some way or are simply unit dwellers without room for their own plot.

“Could not recommend Liz and her gang enough. We received such high praise from our client for the work that Liz and her team completed, so much so that the client would like us to engage Liz in a design and construct basis for landscaping work on our next project. Nothing was a problem, working through the mud and rain. Coming up with solutions to suit the space and create a space that the landscape architect was envious of. The project demanded a very tight time frame which was also no trouble for Liz and her team, even through a Gippsland winter”
(Gary Doherty, Kingbuilt Commercial)