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Home Grown

Nothing tastes better than home grown produce. When a vegetable garden or orchard is constructed properly it can be surprisingly low maintenance, the hard work is in the initial design and construction and this is what we can help you with.

The key to success in growing produce is in the soil. If you use a high quality, weed free compost as the growing medium your are off to a great start. Raised garden beds allow for ease of access and good drainage, wicking beds are better again as the plants have access to water if you forget. A securely enclosed orchard will be more productive and can allow for chooks and ducks to roam among the trees to fertilise and control pests. If you have got the space what about a Truffiere? There a few key requirements to growing your own Truffles but get these right and there is a good chance you can be harvesting truffles within 4 years of plating your host trees.

Liz Filmer Landscaping are also proud to be assisting with the design and construction of several local community gardens, our social media pages are a good place to keep up to date with what’s happening there.