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New Home

Your new home is a big investment and to complete your vision you will want to set it off with a garden which complements your house and suits your lifestyle. Planning your landscaping before the construction of your home takes place will help to set a realistic budget for your project. Too many times we see the budget run dry by the time it comes to the landscaping and the property is completely let down and looks unfinished and uninviting.

By the time we arrive on site to commence your landscaping project, we will already have met several times to assist you with your overall design. By providing both a design and construction service inhouse we are able to make changes on the go where required. Once you see your home in the flesh your thoughts may change on the design and what you require. Designing and creating a garden is a process that can change as it evolves, having Liz hands on during construction allows for design input on the go, sometimes what works on a piece of paper isn’t exactly what works on site, having the flexibility and skill to interpret the design intent during construction gives best results.