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In the digital era, it has never been more relevant to develop playgrounds for children of all ages, to entice them away from their screen and head outdoors. Suburban backyards are shrinking.

Fortunately public spaces are evolving in most municipalities to encourage stimulating outdoor learning environment. The benefits are significant… healthy childhood physical, social and mental development.

Liz Filmer is an accredited playground safety auditor. She is trained in hazard identification and risk management of playgrounds and play equipment. Liz Filmer can ensure that your existing playground, or your proposed playground, meets the relevant Australian Standards.

Liz Filmer Landscaping can design and construct playgrounds in a wide range of settings. The current trend is for a focus on ‘’nature play’’ and “’all abilities’’ (wheel chair bound children etc). Not only do the playgrounds need to be inviting, they must be safe yet challenging, exciting but vandal proof and suit a range of ages and abilities.

We can design and construct playgrounds for early learning centres, schools and public facilities (council parks, housing estates).

“Liz, we reckon you're a marvel with the fantastic business that you run and great work you did for our school”. Stephen, Newmerella Primary School

“Dearest Liz, we are so thankful for you coming into our lives. The slide and Jordy's playground are officially cool and awesome, we just love it. We are over the moon with what you and your fabulous team have done, thank you so much”. Karen, Traralgon