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Water - Too Much or Not Enough?

Water is the life blood of every garden, but the available water has to be just right for a garden to thrive. Too much water can be just as bad if not worse for a landscape as is insufficient quantities.

In every landscaping project, a key design element is to manage water. In winter you may have too much water and summer not enough.

If your garden type requires additional water during dry periods Liz Filmer Landscaping can design and install an easy to operate irrigation system. This can run off bore water, tanks or town water. Modern irrigation controllers have weather stations incorporated that help adjust the amount of water your garden receives based on plant type, soil type, topography and weather.

Retaining walls are one landscape element that require well thought out drainage, not only to the rear of the wall to control the weight behind it but to the ground at the base in front of the wall, this area is often overlooked but it is where most of the excess moisture will be apparent.