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We love to see home owners taking pride in their properties, however most people live very busy lives with little time to be working in the garden. You don’t have to be a slave to your garden to keep it looking nice, with a professional design and careful plant choices a garden can fend for itself much of the time. We can design a garden that generally only requires an annual assessment and tidy up and will survive off the rain that falls from the sky. It’s not only the design but also the quality of the construction that determines the maintenance requirements of a garden. After 30 years of experience constructing gardens Liz has learnt a few tricks that go a long way to ensuring you garden is successful.

Gardens and outdoor spaces are a bit like the clothes we wear, styles come in and out of fashion and every individual person has a different taste. Like clothes, gardens can be added to and altered over the years to create a different look and feel, a garden is not static, it is a living thing and as plants and its owners mature the dynamics and usage of a garden changes.

For the more permanent elements of a garden such as the ‘hard landscaping’ structures, a well thought out plan and quality construction is essential. Hard elements of a landscape include paving, retaining walls, decks, pergolas, pools etc. These items should never be compromised on quality, they will be very expensive to repair or replace, beware of a cheap quote on any of these items. Many of these elements also require building permits and engineering and must by law be constructed by a licensed landscaper who is a registered builder. Liz has been a registered builder since licensing became available to landscapers and can apply on your behalf for all necessary permits making the construction process as seamless as possible for you.

“We have worked with Liz Filmer on 3 separate projects so far and Liz and her amazing team have completely transformed our 3 separate living zones in our backyard area to the most fabulous spaces for our little boy to play in, for our dogs to frolic in and for us to lounge in around the pool.

Liz really listens to what you want and need and to what you are dreaming of achieving ... not once has anything ever been too hard to try or unachievable to do. The results delivered are always above and beyond what we hoped for. Importantly also, it is always actually a pleasure to have Liz and her awesome team working around the house, they are so polite and respectful and just a great team with exceptional skills. There is no worry involved knowing that Liz and her team are on the job... because we have the knowledge and confidence that they will just make everything right, even when unexpected things occur which often happens when renovating gardens or building areas.

Liz is fantastic at working within budgeting allowances and constraints and will always suggest alternatives when needed. We completely recommend Liz and her team, they are wonderful, highly skilled, fabulous and fun to work with. Definitely 5 star all the way.”