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Building your garden is not unlike building your home. There needs to be planning, solid foundations and services installed. Consideration should be given to drainage and levels and then skilled and qualified tradespeople to undertake the task. Invariably there will be alterations and adjustments to be made along the way. What sets Liz Filmer Landscaping apart from others is that Liz is hands on, present onsite assisting with construction as much as possible. This gives you a personalised service and quality assurance, challenges and design alterations can be assessed and overcome as they arise. Liz is very aware that we are working in your private space while on your property. It is important to her to keep the site neat and tidy with minimal disruption to your life as possible. All Liz Filmer Landscaping employees are not only selected because of their skill set but also their good character and have current police and working with children check.

The importance of a quality garden construction should not to be underestimated. When undertaken skilfully with the correct materials and techniques, your investment in your landscaping project will stand for years increasing the value of your property. Most real estate agents can tell by looking at a property if it has been professionally landscaped.

Our projects are professionally designed and engineered. Where deemed, we obtain the necessary building permits and submit our work to third party inspections. Our process provides you with the ultimate in peace of mind knowing that your financial and emotional investment in your property, is as soundly based as our footings.

You need to be aware that any landscaping works over the value of $5000 which involves construction activities such as paving, retaining walls, fencing etc is required by law to be undertaken only by a licensed landscaper who is a registered builder.